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Monday, November 28, 2011

Great Deals, Less Stress!

Over $52.4 billion was spent on Black Friday (a new record!) as over 226 million shoppers braved long-lines and crowded stores to get deals they couldn't pass up. But Black Friday was just the beginning ...

Today is Cyber Monday and it's on pace to be the biggest ever, with over $1 billion in online sales. That means businesses will be rolling out can't-miss deals and savings for their online customers. While your friends, family, and neighbors were sitting in lines at their favorite stores, you can sit back in your favorite chair and handle your holiday shopping online.

Only a few years ago, online shopping was still in its infancy and it was unknown whether people would adapt to purchasing something they couldn't first hold in their hands. However, with the influx of broadband adoption and access as well as the continued expansion of mobile Internet, more and more people are researching goods and services online. Our research show that in most states, over 60% of adults will research or make purchases online. If you're a business person or savvy buyer banking on a successful Cyber Monday, that is great news.

Cyber Monday represents another clear example of how broadband adoption and expansion can have a powerful impact on communities and business across the country. Retailers are increasingly relying on online sales, and our efforts to bring broadband to more homes means they have a larger market to reach. On the consumer side, it allows people the option to avoid stressful holiday shopping and handle things in a much more user-friendly, efficient manner.

Are you planning on making purchases online today or at some point this holiday season? Let us know and take a look at this interesting article about some of the best places to check out for Cyber Monday deals!

Happy Shopping!