The Connected Nation Blog: Google Partnership Helps Internet Users Stay Safe Online

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Google Partnership Helps Internet Users Stay Safe Online

By Dev Joshi, Research Analyst, Connected Nation

Yesterday, Google launched a new website called “Good to Know” which is designed to help Internet novices stay more secure as they explore the web. The site features advice on protecting personal information online, explains how personal information can be collected and used, and offers a dictionary of Internet security terms to help readers be more proactive when it comes to protecting their privacy. Google is partnering with four other organizations on this project: 
This is an important issue because many Americans are choosing not to go online due to fears about online security and a lack of digital literacy (which often go hand in hand – with the increase in high-profile security breaches in the news, it’s easy for non-adopters to imagine an online scammer around every virtual “corner”). According to Connected Nation research, almost one out of five adults who don’t subscribe to broadband (19% or 3.75 million adults in states surveyed by Connected Nation) cite digital literacy as their biggest barrier to adopting broadband, including 4% or 782,000 residents concerned about security and fraud and 5% or 920,000 residents not comfortable using a computer. 

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