The Connected Nation Blog: Keeping the Door Locked to Your Online Accounts

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keeping the Door Locked to Your Online Accounts

By Wil Payton, Communications Specialist, Connected Nation

Passwords are a pain to remember. That’s a given. It’s easy to go the quick route and choose a password based on personal information like a pet’s name or some not so random numerical selection like “123456”.

But if you don’t give some serious thought to the passwords you create then you might be jeopardizing your personal information and, even more importantly, your finances.

There are hacker programs out there that can crack these types of passwords in a matter of seconds.

The following article gives a few tips for protecting yourself by developing strong passwords.

You are now under attack by machines

After a hacking scare at Gawker Media last year, security firm Duo Security showed that it could crack 200,000 user passwords in under an hour using a "brute force" attack, in which computers try millions of passwords until one works.

Popular picks like "123456" take seconds to crack, but one with at least eight upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols will hold out long enough to send hackers searching for easier prey.

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